Andreas Jerschensky

  Dr. Andreas Jerschensky is a managing partner of equitas and serving in a CIO role for the Landa Group, a large Israeli family office/high-tech group. Previously he has worked in a couple of senior M&A and strategy roles at large corporates including Evonik, Deutsche Post/DHL and ALTANA. He has vast experience in building growth and venture activities including the setup of a $200m Corporate Venture fund. Andreas holds a PhD in finance and a master in computer science and business administration.

About Landa:

   In 1977, Benny Landa founded Indigo, which developed the world’s first digital printing press. Indigo was acquired by Hewlett-Packard in 2002 and today, as HP-Indigo, continues to lead the digital printing market worldwide. Benny is Israel’s – and the printing industry’s – most prolific inventor, with some 1,000 patents to his name worldwide. 

Following the sale of Indigo to HP, Benny founded the Landa Group, which is dedicated to the creation of high tech industry in Israel. It is comprised of three main activities:

–    Landa Labs: Science innovation and incubation platform of the Landa Group. Landa Labs has around 120 employees, mostly physicists, chemists, materials scientists and engineers, many with advanced degrees. Landa Labs conducts research in nanotechnology for use in alternative energy, 3D printing, nano-drug delivery, beauty care, energy storage and other fields. 

–    Landa Spin-Co’s: Once Landa Labs developments mature into validated disruptive solutions, they are spun out as separate businesses, divided into two categories: those which Landa owns and operates and those which are sold to others. To date Landa Labs has spun out six businesses, three owned and operated by Landa in Israel and three sold to others. The largest spin-co is Landa Digital Printing, who has already started to replace analog mainstream printing technologies like offset printing. The second largest is Lusix, who has already become one of the leading labgrown diamond producers on a global scale. The most recent spin-out is Lumet, going to disrupt the production of solar cells with an innovative, patent protected metallization technology.

–    Landa Ventures: Landa Ventures is the investment arm of the Landa Group. It identifies promising young technology companies that have potentially disruptive solutions for large markets. The Landa Ventures portfolio comprises 10 companies with two of them being already taken public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). Landa Ventures is an active strategic investor and helps drive value to the companies, assisting them to become substantial high tech industrial businesses. 

The Landa Group has already partnered with leading large European and Israeli family offices in Landa Digital Printing and Lusix and based on this positive experience is now looking for investors having an interest to partner with us on a group level and/or in selected activities of the group.