Discover and Invest in Kea’s Flourishing Industry

From investing in local wineries to experiencing the unique charm of this beautiful island, there’s something for everyone. Explore our offerings below and join us in celebrating the rich heritage and promising future of Kea.

  • Invest in Kea’s Wineries: Be a part of the burgeoning wine industry on Kea by investing in local wineries. Support the growth of these businesses and enjoy the fruits of your investment.
  • Buy Cases of Kea Wines: Discover a selection of exquisite wines produced right here on Kea. Purchase cases of your favorite wines and savor the unique flavors of the island.
  • Handmade Pottery from Kea Island: Shop for beautifully crafted, handmade pottery created by local artisans. Each piece reflects the island’s rich cultural heritage and artisanal skills.
  • Wine Tours on Kea: Plan a visit to Kea and indulge in our immersive wine tours. Learn about the wine-making process, taste various wines, and experience the scenic beauty of the vineyards.
  • Shop Kea’s Finest: Explore our online store featuring a curated selection of Kea’s finest products. From wines to handcrafted items, bring a piece of Kea into your home.

Join us at KeaRising and discover the many ways you can engage with and support this vibrant island community. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast, an investor, or someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship, Kea has something special to offer.