There’s a lot of talk about SUSTAINABILITY which leads to nowhere.   

KEA Investment Partners (‘KIP’) based in Greece was founded in 2021 to lead the charge of Monetising and Financing Sustainability for the Benefit of the Ecosystems in which KIP operates.

There have been many champions of Sustainability and a Positive Relationship with the Environment:  

Through KEANAISSANCE, you are invited to experience a different world, to come to a Circuit Breaker where you re-establish your connection with nature, with the environment and with the sea.

You are invited to explore the options for becoming a member of the KEA Valley Private Members Club, for owning a home in Kea, and for indulging in the beauty of the island.

Optimise for the System Level Win

Dr. Julie Meyer MBE

Everyone optimizes for something in their life. And people do what they believe to be in their self-interest.

If we want people to optimize for the System Level Win, we need to show them why it is in their interest to do so. In other words, what’s the win? What’s in it for them?

Summit Access

Unlock the door to innovation at Keanaissance Summit. Your ticket includes a dynamic 4-day event, cozy accommodation, and a pre-summit adventure on Keaʼs stunning landscapes. Forge powerful connections, dive into innovative ideas, and leave with clear vision to elevate your business.

Island Pre-Summit

Embark on Greek adventure before the summit begins. Discover Kea’s hidden gems, from serene beaches to ancient trails, all while networking with fellow pioneers in a relaxed inspiring setting. Turn travel into opportunity.

strategic Networking

Embrace the power of connection in our Networking Haven. Forge lasting bonds with fellow trailblazers in an intimate setting. Here, every handshake holds the potential for a lifelong partnership. Join us, where future alliances are born.

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