Exclusive Executive Retreats

Villa Carpe Diem

Our property, Villa Carpe Diem (VCD) is available for client use as a corporate retreat, executive networking venue, corporate team-building or family reunion opportunity.

We offer the main villa with four bedrooms, with an outdoor conference facility accommodating 25 people, plus additional villas in the adjoining area. Once the One&Only hotel is completed and open, we will partner with them for additional meeting space. We can source private chefs and catering services from the excellent restaurants in the area.

Why Choose Keanaissance for Executive Retreats

Exclusive Executive Retreats

Where can you have a business offsite where your team can relax, let the creativity develop and generate the new ideas that will take your company forward?

Our VCD comes fully equipped with the latest digital technology needed for our guests, including an A/V team that can do live video streaming of events.

You can book Keanaissance for a day or a week for your team or your company’s executives to bond, relax, get aligned, and regroup.  

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