Private Members Club


The Kea Valley Membership Club

is an invitation-only club situated on the island of Kea, Greece, which operates solely for the benefit of its members, including leading businesspeople and other enthusiasts of Kea and Greece.

Private Luxuries

Villa Design

Craft your dream villa in Kea, with stunning sunset views and beach proximity(starting April 2024).

Secure your Greek residency and enjoy global tax benefits with our expert guidance.

Kea Valley Membership

For 2024 is €25,000 at the time of Registration.

Our Core Values

At the Kea Valley Club, we embody exclusivity and tranquility, offering our members a slice of paradise where privacy, luxury, and serene beauty are the norm. Our commitment is to enhance your lifestyle, providing top-tier services that cater to every need, from travel to health, all while cherishing the splendor of Kea.

The vision

Provide an environment where its members can enjoy their lives, families, sports, the beauty of Kea, and their hobbies while contributing to the development of Kea.


Kea Valley offers world-class levels of private security. It is a community whose members own yachts and private jets and aspire to own a private villa on Kea with their own nearby private hangar and marina.

 KEA Valley Private Members Club Members Are Invited to the 4 to 6 FTE® Summits Annually. In 2024,

these are:


25-29 January 2024, at DF7Z in Zurich, Switzerland.


9 – 12 May 2024, at Villa Carpe Diem Melisaki, Kea, Greece at Greek Easter.


5- 8 September 2024, at Lake Zurich.


3-6 October 2024.

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