Bodhi Tanner

Bodhi, with a decade of dedicated service in philanthropy, has significantly contributed to the nonprofit sector through his expertise in fundraising, event coordination, and working with charitable organizations. Currently, he serves as a Director at the Berger North Foundation, a prestigious private, nonprofit grant-making entity renowned for its commitment to enhancing Healthcare, Education, and Social Services, alongside spearheading initiatives to combat human trafficking.

This role has enabled Bodhi to influence and contribute to vital societal changes, leveraging the foundation’s resources to support programs that make a tangible difference in people’s lives. His philanthropic journey extends beyond boardrooms and strategic planning sessions. Bodhi has a profound passion for engaging with communities directly, evidenced by his volunteering stints in various foreign countries. These experiences have allowed him to provide invaluable hands-on support where it’s most needed, further enriching his understanding of global social issues and the practical applications of philanthropic efforts.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Bodhi is a person of diverse interests and talents. He is not only enthusiastic about his work but also brings a hands-on approach to his hobbies and personal development. A talented pianist, Bodhi finds joy and expression in music, an interest that complements his dynamic lifestyle including coaching and participating in motorsports, a testament to his love for speed and precision. His adventurous spirit is also reflected in his passion for rock climbing, an activity that challenges him physically and mentally.

Bodhi’s curiosity and eagerness to learn have led him to acquire a wide range of skills and experiences outside his professional career. He has delved into the worlds of 3D modeling and drafting, land development, day trading, and more, showcasing his versatile talents and relentless pursuit of knowledge. His hands-on skills extend to welding, machining, fabrication, and construction, underscoring a practical understanding of various trades. Furthermore, his background as a motorsport mechanic not only highlights his mechanical aptitude but also his ability to thrive in high- pressure environments, solving problems with precision and creativity.