Gabor George Burt

Global Pioneer on Creative Transformation, Future-Shaping Strategy, Intellectual Wellness; Creator of the Slingshot Framework

1. One of the core, original experts of Blue Ocean Strategy, the new millennium’s most influential leadership concept, and contributor to the worldwide bestselling BOS book.

2. Launched the Slingshot Framework in 2011 – as expansion of his BOS work. Slingshot enjoys worldwide recognition at the forefront of future-shaping innovation. The framework shows how to engage creative thinking to systematically re-imagine market boundaries, filling a critical global need: IBM survey of 1,500 CEOs worldwide found ‘creativity’ the single most important and lacking leadership trait for future success.

3. Recognized among top 13 future-shaping innovation Visionaries

4. Among high-profile engagements:

Opening presentation at Global Marketing Forum; Designed and hosted the Forum for Partnership of the Americas – gathering of business & government leaders from across the Western Hemisphere; Shared stage with Seth Godin and Sir Richard Branson at Forum One, one of Europe’s biggest leadership events with 5,000 participants; Designed & co-hosted the first Arab Innovation Forum and spoke multiple times at the Dubai Knowledge Summit; Closing keynote at Africa Rising Conference; One of three judges for the E.U. Innovation Venture Award.

5. Works with leadership teams of multinationals, governments, NGOs SMEs, and start-ups in applying the Slingshot Framework to re-imagine market boundaries and carve out high-growth, high-impact strategies. Among his engagements, helped American Express launch an entire new business in partnership with Walmart.

6. His critically acclaimed, privately available book ‘Slingshot’ is a step-by-step guide to re-imagining boundaries, serving as an exclusive resource for partner organizations and event audiences.

7. Leads immersive gatherings for VIP participants; Board member of the Global Innovation Institute and KK Modi University; Launching The Slingshot Awards to recognize organizations, individuals, and initiatives that are re-imagining boundaries with the most impact. See GGB for more details of his activities.

8. Among articles published:

Harvard Business Review 1 II Harvard Business Review 2 Entrepreneur Magazine II CEOWorld Magazine 1 II CEOWorld Magazine 2 Forbes II The Conference Board