Unlock EU Residency

with Sunshine

Exclusive Perks

Golden Access

Secure your Greek residency and enjoy borderless Schengen travel with ease.

Island Luxury

Invest in a 5-star resort villa on Kea, just an hour from Athens.

Investor Club

Join the Keaissance community for exclusive investment opportunities in Greece.

Our Core Promise

At Kea Investment Partners, weʼre not just offering a property; weʼre granting you a lifestyle. With our expert legal team, personalized management services, and a welcoming investment community, we ensure a seamless journey to your dream life under the Greek sun. Experience the Keaissance with us.

Our Commitment

Weʼre your golden key to a sun-kissed life in Europe. Our Greek Golden Visa program is a smooth road to EU residency. Join us for a blend of luxury living and smart investing in the heart of the Aegean.

Experience Keaʼs charm and unlock global travel with us.

Golden Gateway

Suite Ownership

Secure your EU residency effortlessly. Our experienced Greek legal team handles your Golden Visa application, ensuring success. Travel freely within Schengen and enjoy a new home in Greece. Weʼve got you covered, every step of the way.

Visa Assurance

Join the Keanaissance. Be part of an exclusive group investing in Keaʼs future. Connect, share insights, and grow with our vibrant community. Get more than a property; gain a network and a piece of paradise.

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