Hugo Nyffeler

With a robust career spanning over 40 years in telecommunications, he has been at the forefront of mobile and IoT innovations. Beginning in the 1990s, he led the development of groundbreaking pager technology, significantly impacting the distribution of stock prices, security personnel alerts, firefighter communications, and other critical information. His strategic vision was further honed at Alcatel-Lucent, where he pioneered IoT customer development, laying the groundwork for interconnected smart technologies.

As a Senior Manager at Verizon Switzerland AG, he drove significant advancements in mobile and network infrastructure across Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Europe. His leadership in transitioning to modern NaaS/SD-WAN/Voip and hybrid networks resulted in millions in cost savings and greatly enhanced operational efficiencies.

Renowned for his ability to transform technological challenges into strategic opportunities, he has consistently led teams to success by fostering environments of clear communication and innovative problem-solving. His dedication to technological advancement and cost optimization has solidified his reputation as a key player in shaping the future of telecommunications and automation.