Martin P. Waterman

Venture Capital/Film Production

Martin Phillip Waterman is a seasoned expert in both Venture Capital and Media realms, specializing in early-stage venture capital and innovative technologies driving industry progress. As the former Chairman of the Board at, now part of Penguin Random House, Waterman played a pivotal role in revolutionizing book publishing with pioneering on-demand printing technology. This groundbreaking approach enabled global book distribution, allowing authors to print their works worldwide, transforming traditional publishing norms.

Waterman’s expertise extends across diverse sectors, including medical, wireless, software, and emerging materials. Recently, he has delved into the Entertainment sector, aiming to modernize and streamline operations. By integrating the entire creative process from concept to distribution, Waterman seeks to eliminate historical inefficiencies, reshaping the film industry amidst technological advancements and the rise of streaming platforms.

Acknowledging the inherent risks in film investments, Waterman draws on his venture capital experience to implement strategies that mitigate risks and safeguard investors. Utilizing hedging techniques and securitized structures, he addresses financial and developmental challenges faced by independent filmmakers, creating a more stable investment environment.

With over two decades of industry experience, Waterman has been mentored by seasoned producers with extensive backgrounds in independent and studio filmmaking. His debut film project, “Where is Frankie Cheese?”, showcases his creative vision and storytelling prowess, with a team boasting nearly 200 films and movies of the week. Leveraging his global experience, Waterman excels in building advisory boards and boards of directors for young public companies and startups, tapping into a network of retired and semi-retired Fortune 500 executives to drive success.