Phil Eggen

Philip is a 12-year tech veteran responsible for developing innovative technology across multiple vectors with a consortium of diverse partners. As a result of his collaboration with a range of multinational sustainable data center, real estate, development, and financial technology firms, he’s developed business models and strategies in addition to creating over $1 billion in value on multiple international consortia projects.

Philip has worked on a variety of applications and created high-level technology architectures for telecom and data management as well as supply-chain IoT/Blockchain/AI applications alongside names such as Fujitsu, IBM, Siemens, and more and worked in high-level cloud environments such as Azure and AWS with Docker and Kubernetes directly with Red Hat senior management. He was involved in financial modeling, investor outreach, and investment banking working directly with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, AIMco, Fujitsu Finance, Swiss SIX, and many other banks, VCs and exchanges.

He collaborated with Bloomberg, Reuters, IBM Media, and many others to build high-level marketing plans both online and offline. He has experience on the ground as well; having worked with firms such as Jones Lang Lasalle (JLL), Yates Construction, Stantec, Black and Veach, TLM Group, and Ambri Batteries (backed by Gates Foundation); among a plethora of large and small firms to ensure project visibility and accuracy throughout the development lifecycle.

Philip has spoken at Dubai Innovation Week, Hong Kong Blockchain Week, and more recently, at Africa Blockchain Week in Morocco, where he was personally flown in by the King of Morocco, as well as at Dubai Innovation Week, where he spoke about blockchain at the Armani Ballroom in the Burj Khalifa. He has worked directly with the founder of Africa Blockchain Week, Hong Kong Blockchain Week, and other blockchain conferences.

In 2016, he created the Passive Financial Vehicle, a blockchain technology that utilized master nodes to allow users to accumulate wealth passively through a mobile application. Working with his team, he founded the Divi Project to develop, design, and consumerize this technology. He raised $1.75 million in an initial investment, which allowed the company to grow to a $60 million market cap in one year. He has successfully divested his company.

After Divi, Philip explored the NFT space with TuneTrade, an NFT marketplace that tokenized musicians and artists in 2018. He designed UX/UI and the technology framework around the smart-contract and react-based web architecture. Through TuneTrade, Philip was inspired by the lack of compensation artists received on conventional platforms like YouTube and Spotify. Because of his ten-year experience in the entertainment industry working for Cirque du Soleil’s record label Lune Rouge and Trap Nation, he has spots on many syndications such as HBO.