Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rams is the Co-Founder and CEO of Africa GreenTec, a pioneering company dedicated to providing solar power to rural regions in Sub-Saharan Africa through innovative mini-grids, nano-grids, and solar systems. These systems cater to commercial, industrial clients, and NGOs. Under his leadership, Africa GreenTec offers more than just electricity; it delivers a comprehensive ecosystem of services including cooling, water filtration, field irrigation, internet connectivity, and clean cooking solutions, positioning the company as a role model for sustainable village development in the Global South.

Prof. Rams is a seasoned electrical engineer with a doctorate in business administration and a professorship in entrepreneurship. His professional journey began in 1994 in the mobile telecommunications industry, and since 2005, he has immersed himself in the start-up ecosystem. Over the years, he has founded multiple companies, served as an investor and start-up coach, and has imparted his knowledge of entrepreneurship for nearly a decade.

In 2016, Prof. Rams made a significant investment in Africa GreenTec, assumed the role of CFO in 2020, and in early 2024, he stepped into his current role as CEO of the group. His extensive experience and innovative approach continue to drive the company’s mission forward, making sustainable impact across communities.